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Our Rats' New Homes
Dear  adoptive parents of OSEDRats babies, if you want to share your pictures or stories, here is the place for them!

Painting by Christina S.Vrba

OSED Morrison:

"...I just have to share with you what a wonderous little rat i have here.
thank you so much olga for letting me have this little russian blue ball of fur. he is everything a rat should be and then some. a testament to your breeding program, this is *the* most socialized, sweet rat i have ever met save my gobo (and remember ive seen a LOT of rats come through my doors!). he is the first at his cage door when i am near, he comes when i call him every time, and wrestles, cuddles, and kisses me constantly.
his happy little bounds across the bed like a ferret amuse us all - my roommates and i will watch as i hand wrestle with him - even when excited, he never uses his teeth harshly, and popcorns back and forth when he is so happy that he doesnt know what to do. when i walk by the bed or stand near it, he grasps my clothing to climb up. when wandering the house, he sits on my shoulder waiting for me to extend an arm so he can go explore. he is the rat we take out to show the visitors and they are all amazed by him.
but most of all olga, like your boys (and robyns too!) - he lays on his back. i can pet his little tummy and he will sit in my hands, just laying there while i cup him, without moving. he looks at me with his curly whiskers, his little (big!) tummy exposed, and just waits for kisses. he loves his little cheeks to be pinched and scratched and runs back for more every time - and when we wrestle, he always ends up on his back getting a belly rub."  Kim

OSED Pistachio (tailless! also lives with Kim)

Rat Buffet:

These are our girls: Marshi (a berkshire agouti w/ head spot dumbo) bred by Olga, and Ollie (a diluted black possum faced dalmatian dumbo - a second generation OSED rat from PackRats Rattery). We were new to rats and Olga was most helpful in getting us started with their proper care and housing and letting us spend lots of time meeting her many rats and holding the baby rats. Rats are amazing creatures. These two are sweet, intelligent, fun loving, and extremely affectionate. They remind me of a puppy-chimp mix. Some of the cutest things these two do are ring their bell to get our attention, scramble up our jeans and into our arms, groom us and give us kisses on the mouth, and come running and leap onto us when we attempt to leave the room without them. Marshi likes to collect treasures like candy wrappers and store them in her box. The children enjoy seeing what foods they like and frequently take home a "rattie bag" from restaurants. Here Marshi and Ollie are enjoying a Chinese buffet. Marshi's favorite food is spaghetti. --Donna
For more pictures click here: Rats of ABC Gerbils

OSED Petey & Charlie (owned by Josh, housed in a spatious Martin's cage):

OSED Pippin & Friends (A Gallery of Handsome Rats)(link)

We have a rat named Merlin Peeps -
his name is quite astounding!
It's longer than him by a tail and a squeak,
but ever so elegant-sounding.

We have a rat named Merlin Peeps -
he's barely the whisk of a whisker.
He's furry and small,
barely with us at all,
and if he were a she we might miss her.

We have a rat named Merlin Peeps -
most darling and cuddly of rittens.
When he snuggles to sleep in the palm of your hand
he's far sweeter than baskets of kittens.

We have a rat named Merlin Peeps -
this poem was written in tribute
to a class pet inspiring, heart-catching, beguiling,
but most of all, dreadfully CUTE!
~Christina S. Vrba

OSED Fool of a Took (Pippin) and OSED Merlin Peeps

Shannon's Ratties(follow the link!)

OSED Billy and Scrappy, owned by Ken&Kat

Quinn & Spratling (owned by Suka Malone)

OSED Leo (owned by JoAnna)

OSED Shadow&Blaze
                                                          ...what's cooking?
... Blaze is a pig--always the first to the food and always begging for more. Shadow is like Houdini. She always seems to be the first out of the cage. One of the funniest things the rats do is to pull out my hair bands. They get mad when I tie my hair back, so they get up on my shoulder and pull my hair free... (Lisa)

OSED Logan (owned by Mary Zielinski)
MaryZ's Rattery, Rochester, NY

OSED Lucy & Isabelle (owned by Nathan, Eli, and Max Kohlenberg and Becky Minard)

OSED Miranda, Violet, Regina, Celie, & Sophie (owned by Melissa Milligan)
Melissa Milligan Photography

OSED Cyril an Ziggy(owned by Tiffany)

Faces in a hammock (owned by Craig)

OSED Nickademis (owned by Sue Berube)

OSED Monte (owned by Brandon)

 Born to be domesticated!

Hallow Zig

Easter Misty

Here are some pictures of my girls. OSED Jazzy is riding high on her motorcycle on the beach! OSED Ziggy licks her lips in anticipation of all the Halloween candy she is going to get! OSED Misty eagerly awaits the Easter Bunny, for her share of the treats! And here is my late, beloved OSED Kissabelle, the beautiful blue girl that Olga bred just for me. She is sorely missed.

My girls have a great life, living in a huge cage and getting lots of attention, free-range time and treats. They travel with me a lot, sometimes even going to work with me! They pay me back a hundredfold with love, whiskery kisses and sweet nuzzles. Rats, especially OSED rats, are just WONDERFUL!! Cathy

OSED Petri (Holly's boy)