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Our Rats

OSED Noir (black self)

OSED Gulliver (mink mismarked berkshire dumbo)

OSED Cloud (russian blue berkshire rex dumbo)

Sahara (mismarked seal point siamese)

   OSED Louis (silver pearl self dumbo)

OSED Lyapa (agouti self tailless)

OSED Manx Brothers: Tyapa&Cultyapa(blue agouti self tailless and silver fawn self stubtailed)

OSED Hot Pants (agouti banded)

OSED Raindrops (black dalmatian)

OSED Blues Clues (mock chinchilla dalmatian dumbo)

OSED Pablo (lilac self satin dumbo)

  ANR Slivki (black-eyed white blue-spotted rex dumbo)

OSED Fire (amber)

OSED Lestat (platinum pearl)

OSED Daisy (cinnamon? dumbo)

OSED Curly Sue (black berkshire rex dumbo)

OSED Chamomile (ruby-eyed beige irish dumbo)

Mother and daughter: OSED Daisy (cinnamon self dumbo) and OSED Chamomile (ruby-eyed beige irish dumbo)

          OSED Hurricane(mock chinchilla blazed variegated dumbo)

OSED Snowball (black dalmatian dumbo)

  OSED Weather (russian blue variegated d/c)
OSED Ocean (russian blue rex dumbo)

OSED Brook (russian blue dumbo)

Mother and daughter: OSED Raindrops (left) and OSED Elena Montero (both black dalmatian d/c)

   OSED Elena Montero (black dalmatian d/c)

OSED Hail (black dalmatian d/c)

ANR Manon (blue berkshire rex dumbo)

 OSED Morning Dew (black variegated dumbo)