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(April 17, 1990 - November 18, 2003)

Zhuchka is our  Afghan Hound born in Russia on 4/17/1990. She is a permanent member of our family. In 1990 she had to make two trips: first, sleeping in a backpack while illegally (!) crossing the board (she was the only illegal alien in our family... keep your minds open!). Second, hitch-hiking with Olga from Dallas TX to Vermont, where she was taking a refuge while Olga was working on transforming a dispair of  immigration into The American Dream. While visiting a friend, Zhuchka, by miracle, escaped deadly fire which claimed the life of another dog, and finally re-united with our family. She survived surgery for pyometra, and was then told by a joined trio of ESP healers that she'll live for 6 more years... It was in 1998.
She loves visitors, and has her own bed... She is a mascot of our family, and represents the very spirit of immigration: detachment combined with acute sensitivity, cautious love, fear tamed by irony... Or so it seems. She serves us by being around, and for that we love her!

(Our sweet girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 11/18/03).