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MY Silly Nilly was bred by the Rodentry of Sixth Happiness and raised by the Taliesin Rattery. She came to us as a grown up rat, and what a rat she was! Beautiful, silky coat, strong and flexible body, funny and friendly personality... She was jumping like a squirrel: with no apparent effort she would fly from the floor to the shelf of her cage. She liked to play... It looked like she was always smiling: glad to see us, happy to be... We miss her very much...

YOTR Harry Potter was our guest for just a little while, although we knew him since we first met Angela's rats... He was a rare rat person, kind and gentle, real Rag Doll Rat. His hair looked like Calico Cat's: there is no way to describe in words what "cinnamon pearl merle" looks like. We don't have his picture. But we are lucky enough to have his children, the rittens sweet Violet brought to us... Harry was the first victim, and lifesaving warning of launching SDA epidemic. Because of him, our dear Ganga Din, the rest of the rats got treated right away and thus were spared...

PZ Mashka-tough cookie, and a real fighter

PZ Obezianka - smart and organized

PZ Monkey - soft spot in a family of toughies

   CCR Malvina - my blue beauty

CCR Simona - everybody loved her

 PZ Maika - the best rat mom ever...

   PZ Nicky - she and Scabbers made us  fall in love with rats...

PZ Scabbers

Scabbers and Nicky

NWSSR Squeakers - dear sweet old rattie

 RR Unicorn - died in childbirth

TA Captain Crunch - handsome and friendly to the end

 OLIVER - our bold grumpy man...


OSED Spots

OSED Titania

RR Ali Baba

TA Lucky Charms - good bye, sweet friend

Timmy the Mouse

      YOTR Hanz

YOTR Lightning

OSED Tempest, son of Lightning

NWSSR Trinity

RR Violet

TA Jane's Addiction

OSED Fiesta

James Bond

TA Darling

Tylendal and Vanyel (beige berkshire)

PS Andrea (mink banded stub-tailed)

RR Egg Nog (beige berkshire dumbo)

   TA Miracle (mismarked siamese dumbo)

  Marusya (albino hairless)

CCR Eiffel (blue berkshire dumbo)

Gus (agouti self)

OSED Benvolio

OSED Dafni (agouti self dumbo)

OSED Yoda (agouti self rex dumbo) - she lived with a loving Sasser family

OSED Akasha (chocolate self satin dumbo)

TA Clementine (black dalmatian dumbo)

OSED Tanya (black berkshire dumbo) RIP 6/03

 OSED Carmen (black self) RIP 6/03

Himmie (mismarked seal point siamese)

OSED Chardonnay (beige self dumbo) RIP 7/18/03

OSED Goblin (hairless dumbo) RIP 7/17/03

OSED Dreamcast (lilac self satin) RIP 7/24/03

   OSED Bjasha (black berkshire rex dumbo) RIP 7/25/03

OSED Armand (russian blue self) RIP 7/25/03

OSED Ada (mink blazed bershire dumbo) RIP 7/29/03

YOTR Henry (silver fawn rex) RIP 8/8/03

TA Bullet & Sonic (blue self and mink berkshire dumbo)

OSED Claudia (chocolate merle) RIP 8/17/03

ANR Champagne (champaign berkshire rex d/c) RIP 8/19/03

   OSED Flower (silver fawn self dumbo) RIP 8/27/03

  OSED Tyapa (blue agouti manx) RIP 9/10/03